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African Dance Studio


African dance mainly refers to the traditional dance styles of sub-Saharan Africa. African dance can legitimately be regarded as the oldest form of choreography in the world and this form has spread around the world.

Characteristics of Sub-Saharan African Dance

African dance is different from most western dance styles in many essential ways. The most unique feature is that it occurs collectively, expressing the life of the community more than that of individuals or partnered dance. In most cases, it performed by groups separated by gender.  Men dance for women and vice versa, with all ages mingling or having their own dance. 

African Drumming: the Heartbeat of the Tribe

Presence of drumming is one of the primary characteristics of African dance. African Dance Studios still follow this and keep drumming as an integral part of the dance. However, it is also inextricably linked to the art of dance; most African villages would never have drumming without dancing at the same time. A wide variety of instruments are used, such as Bougarabou drums and other percussion instruments such as shakera. Among these, djembe might just be the most popular one. 

African Movement

One of the most striking parts of the traditional African dance is the polyrhythmic nature of the movement. African dancers of the  African Dance Studio are often able to move their body parts to different parts of the rhythm, with two dancer's body. This fine motor control is often complemented by larger movements such as kicks, jumps, and swings wide and fast arms. In the Adumu dance of the Masai, for instance, men show how high they can bounce in the focal point of a circle while their kindred warriors support them. Interestingly, the Mohobelo move of Sotho incorporates developments at all dimensions, including ground thrill.

Join our African Dance Class 

Ms. P's dance and acrobatic studios, Boca is considered the best African Dance Studio in Boca Raton, Florida, with the goal of developing and educating the community through history, culture, art, music, and African dance. Through percussion, our African dance class will teach you the basics of traditional West African dance by focusing on understanding the drum rhythms that accompany it. Classes begin with a thorough warm-up followed by a sequence of movements on the floor. To know more about our African dance class, please visit the studio located at 23102 Sandalfoot Plaza Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33428 or just give us a call (561) 488-1961.  

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