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Children Ballet Classes

Mrs. P's Dance & Acrobatic Studios, Boca world-class ballet classes at Boca Raton, where any student can attend without having to audition. Open Classes provide opportunities for students to join us and experience our world-class training.

In an enjoyable, nurturing environment, our 60-minute dance class introduces pre-schoolers to ballet. The class is designed in a supportive setting to develop the dance and social skills of children. Teachers guide students to learn in a way that enables them to balance, develop movement and listening skills. 

Our class instructs students to dance at their current level of mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. It gives children a strong foundation in ballet dance while keeping the movement on a child’s level so that they are always having fun and mastering new skills. Our program is designed to be a progressive, safe and effective for toddlers or preschoolers to learn dance. 


Why should you send your child to our ballet class?

Since 1991, Ms. P.'s dance and acrobatic studios have been teaching ballet with a high level of satisfaction. Our studio has earned the trust of Boca Raton Residence because of its continued success. Many of our alumni have been successful in ballet. Plus,

  • We have a good reputation for treating children. 
  • The atmosphere is positive, friendly and judgment - free!
  • Every dancer is given small class sizes and individual attention.
  • Classes from beginner to professional for infants to adults. 
  • The permanent faculty consisted of highly qualified, working dancers and experienced teachers who focus in a super fun environment on QUALITY training and TRUE technique. Our faculty has some of the strongest business resumes and dancing, teaching and choreographing around the globe!

Our progressively developed classes served to enrich and engage children in dance and more! Our ballet classes help build a strong foundation in dance and movement. These skills benefit dance students for later roles in life, both in general applications and in the transition to adult ballet.

If your toddler loves to move around then he/she will definitely love to dance and if you want her/him to learn the very best techniques of ballet then send him/her to our Children Ballet Classes


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