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Dance Classes


We offer hip hop and street Dance Classes for that person who has always wanted to try a dance class but perhaps feels too intimidated to step into a studio. This is a low light, judgement-free space for adults that equips you with practical skills for your next dance floor encounter.

The premise for our success. We decided to create beginner Dance Classes for adults, but more specifically, for the kind of people who are scared of dance class.

This is a proper hip hop and street dance class. This part is important to us. We see so many dance classes out there for adults, we wanted to offer something that was grounded in proper hip hop and street style training, not another fitness gimmick. When you take Dance Classes with us you are learning about the foundations of dance styles that were originated out of African-American culture from streets around the world. From true Jamaican dancehall to core fundamentals. The list goes on. We give you a dance class and a contextual dance education. You get to learn the way a professional dancer would learn but in an accessible beginner’s context.

Our beginner Dance Classes follow a straight-forward format. Warm up with some moves, stretch a little, learn some party dances and have a solid dance by stringing together what you’ve learnt in a combo. There’s no complex choreography to deluge your brain. All the stuff you learn in class will be used on the dance floor, in your bedroom, while waiting for your kettle to boil, at the bus stop and in most shopping aisles.

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